Amazon’s New Groove

The mega-retailer Amazon always astonishes me with their moves in the business sector.  They must be doing something right when they are compared to Walmart in almost every business article I read.

I recently read an article that really intrigued me.  It had to do with the way people use Amazon to quickly comparison shop.  I know it happens to me all the time.  The first place I look is Amazon for a general price and then I continue to shop online for the best price.  The majority of the time I come back to Amazon to buy the product.

The combination of customer reviews and great service really makes me loyal to the web giant.  I began to question what other things they have in the works.  I came across this article here at the Motley Fool, that discussed Amazon’s new creativity.  Leveraging the usefulness of the iPhone, Amazon decided to create an app that allows users to scan the bar code of a product and see how much it is on Amazon. With another click, the user can easily buy that item and have it shipped to them.  This is a crazy concept – as well as keeping patrons loyal to their website.

Amazing.  Just amazing.

This company is an early adapter for sure!