2015 Fantasy Football Results

The Fantasy Football championship game in Yahoo (for most) was played last week.  I was fortunate of competing for the championship in my league with a couple buddies of mine.


12th Man Records Claims the Championship

It seemed like the Arizona Cardinals defense was the biggest influence in their victory as they scored 35.00 points, a complete overperformance of their projected 7.03, as 12th Man Records defeated Tebow’s before hoes 169.78 to 143.60.  There were some tough divisional matchups that seemed to hinder some aces for both lineups as Tom Brady and Cam Newton didn’t meet their projections.

The true gem on 12th Man Records was Frank Gore who outperformed his projection by 11.  That was a huge performance as David Johnson (the recent standout on the Cardinals) and Doug Baldwin had to hold true to take home a Fantasy Football championship for 12th Man Records.

Biggest In-Season Moves

As much as everyone puts weight on who you draft at the beginning of the season in fantasy football, the most important aspect of winning a championship is free agent pick ups through the waiver wire.  Here were some notables from this season.

  1. David Johnson was the biggest in-season move as he came through huge in the playoffs with 20+, 50+ performances.
  2. Doug Baldwin was the second most important player to 12th Man Records playoff run (epecially his 10 touchdown in 4 game streak).