Breck’s Brew

In February, my girlfriend and I was in Colorado for a winter birthday vacation.  We flew in and then took a rental car ninety minutes west to the beautiful resort of Keystone.  Keystone had a lot to offer but we decided that a day trip to Breckenridge would be a good experience.  Breckenridge was only about twenty minutes away so we decided to take a drive to the popular town.  We were able to snag a couple of maps from our condo to see all of the activities that the Breckenridge resort had to offer.  One thing that caught our eyes immediately was the Breckenridge Brewery.

We stopped for lunch and this was amazing.  Right when we walked in, I was in BEER heaven.  There were huge brewing vessels behind the large “old style” bar that greeted us.  The hostess was very friendly and took us to our table.  We started with a flight of beers that they brewed including a vanilla porter, a couple IPAs and this great Amber style ale that I fell in love with.

This made me research the beer a little bit more on their website.  A mixture of pale and caramel malts and a semi-sweet finish made this an instant favorite.