Enter Leborts

Let’s first introduce myself.

My name is Matt Strobel and I am twenty-five years old. I recently moved half-way across the United States for a new job opportunity with a company in Needham, Massachusetts. For those of you not familiar with the area, it’s just outside of Boston.

I grew up north of Indianapolis and haven’t really been exposed to living anywhere else (besides college when I moved to Bloomington, Indiana). Yeah, I know it’s not that far, but it’s my only other move.

As I tell people about where I’m from, what, how and why I did it, I keep getting the same response, “Oh man, I could never do that [move half-way across the country]”. I also follow back with, “Yeah, it’s been quite an experience”. Now that I think about it, though, how could one not want to be exposed to a new experience.

Maybe I’m wired differently than most people, but I have a strong desire to experience as many places in the world as my body allows me.

Don’t get me wrong, a person can’t just wake up one morning and say that they want to live in a different part of the United States or even another country for that matter. I feel like I have been very blessed in my life and appreciate everything that has come my way.

When I graduated from college, I accepted a job working for a market research company in Indianapolis. Working there for two years gave me the experience working for a small to medium-sized company and had me questioning what was next for me. I started my search for a new job and received a call from a company in Boston, PTC, as a marketing reporting analyst role. Mind you, there are lots of decisions to be made during the interviewing process for a job across the country, but I think the signs were there.

Given that this new position would give me the flexibility and opportunity to grow a career, I was easily convinced that this was the next chapter of my life. My girlfriend, however, wasn’t very keen on the idea of such a substantial move. As the weeks progressed, she had interviews with companies out in the Boston area. Keeping a long story short, we both saw signs that influenced our decision to take the plunge. She had even seen the letters P, T, C on the opening credits of movies on television. A few weeks later, we both got offered a job at companies in the Boston area on the same day.

So what’s next? We had made promised to start the new roles three to four weeks later. In those three weeks, we had things to do! Find a place to live, drive out there, get familiar with the lay of the land, and figure out how to get our stuff out there. We were able to book a hotel for the first couple weeks and found a nice condo near Boston College and scheduled movers from our old apartments to our new condo. Two weeks later, we began our trek out East.

This is where the story gets good. We had originally taken two cars and followed each other. Our first leg was to make it to Cleveland, stay the night and made another trek the next day. The way to Cleveland went smoothly, yet when we started the next morning, my car started steaming out of the hood thirty miles from Cleveland. We had to pull over and fix what we found as a broken radiator. After losing a day, we started on the road again, only to find the steam had not subsided.

Let me take a step back and tell you this was the Friday before I had promised to begin work on Monday. We couldn’t afford to lose another day, so our plan was to move my stuff in my car to hers, have the car towed to a Hyundai dealer, continue on to driving East and deal with the car repairs later. We made it to Boston the next day and had the car repaired, and with some help from the parents, shipped the car back to Indianapolis.

What started out to be a nightmare, has reminded me that adventures are the exciting parts of our lives. Without them, we go to work, come home, turn on the television and fall into a routine. While that is nice from time to time, I feel the best parts in life are these crazy and unexplainable events that happen. Like I said before, maybe I’m wired a bit differently than other people, but I want to explore and have as many experiences in my life that it will allow. This is why I have decided to create this website.

Leborts, if you haven’t already noticed, is my name spelled backwards. This site will encompass all of my passions. Travel. Food. Booze. Casual. Sports. Business. Graphics. Gaming.

Leborts (@mdstrobe)