RG2’s Week 6 Picks

We hypothetically have $1,000 for each NFL week (might be able to make this real once I actually have real readers or I prove how good I am).  Ok, let’s make sure we have all the rules clear before we start.  1) You have to bet on at least 5 games per week.  2) Those bets have to be at least $25.  3) Bets locked on on Tuesday evening, 4) The money that you have left over at the end of the week carries over to the next week and 5) Root on your bets against the spread!

Pretty simple, right?

Here are mine for week 6:


Atlanta (-3) @ New Orleans

My Pick: Atlanta for $100

Atlanta is on a roll, and New Orleans is falling apart, on the football field and throughout the organization.  What will this team and organization look like in two weeks? I don’t know and don’t want to find out, but all good things do come to an end.

Denver (-4.5) @ Cleveland

My Pick: Cleveland for $200

It’s getting cold out there. The temperature in Cleveland is not supposed to get over 50 degrees on Sunday. We all know what has happened to Peyton Manning in the cold weather over the last couple years, and this will be his first outdoor cold weather game of the year.  Who knows, maybe not having feeling in his fingers will help him…can he still get frostbite?

Cincinnati (-3.5) @ Buffalo

My Pick: Cincinnati for $100

Buffalo looked good to start the season, but has fallen off the map.  Tyrod Taylor is still fun to watch, and hopefully will help prove the point of sitting and learning behind a good QB is the best career route to take.  We’ll see if Tyrod plays this week, but Cincinnati pulls this one out either way.

Kansas City (+3.5) @ Minnesota

My Pick: Minnesota for $50

Kansas City came out of the gate on fire with Travis Kelce’s 6-catch 2 TD performance in week one.  But they have self-destructed since then, and Jamaal Charles has let down fantasy owners once again.  Minnesota uses this week as a bounce back after a loss to Denver and a BYE week.

Houston (-1) @ Jacksonville

My Pick: Jacksonville for $100

Maybe Jacksonville will get lucky?

Chicago (+2.5) @ Detroit

My Pick: Chicago for $100

Chicago is on a roll of winning close games, and Detroit looks like a pop warner team.  Not to mention Detroit is led by Jim Caldwell who looks either drunk or asleep…or both on the sidelines every Sunday.

Washington (+6) @ NY Jets

My Pick: Washington for $50

Wait the NY Jets are 3-1?! I just debating changing my pick for 2 minutes, but still think the Redskins and Captain Kirk will be able to cover with the spread at 6.

Arizona (-3) @ Pittsburgh

My Pick: Pittsburgh for $50

Arizona is on a good run, and I like them to easily win the NFC West…as long as Carson Palmer’s knees stay in one piece.  However I think with Roethlisberger potentially making a return to beat his former OC Bruce Arians, and Le’Veon Bell getting in the grove, I think Pittsburgh wins outright at home.

Miami (+2.5) @ Tennessee

My Pick: Tennessee for $50

Does anyone care about this game? Miami is so terrible this year, I’m going with Lauren Tannehill once the divorce caused by this game goes through…I mean, I’m going with Tennessee

Carolina (+7) @ Seattle

My Pick: Carolina for $50

Despite Seattle starting slow this year, I think there is still hope for them.  They’ve proven over the past couple of seasons that they don’t always start the season on fire like other perennial great teams who only fall off come the playoffs.  I think Seattle wins in a close game where Carolina will cover.

San Diego (+10) @ Green Bay

My Pick: Green Bay for $100

Hate Green Bay, but this is a no brainer. 30 degrees in Green Bay, c’mon.

Baltimore (-2.5) @ San Francisco

My Pick: Baltimore for $50

Super Bowl XLVII rematch.  The only think that would make this game interesting is if Jim Harbaugh came back to coach the 49ers, and even that wouldn’t be that interesting.  San Francisco has had an open door in the personnel department lately what they have left is not good.  Baltimore with at least a 3 point win.

New England (-8) @ Indianapolis

My Pick: New England for $200

I went to the Colts/Pats regular season game last year, and for some reason thought that somehow the Colts could pull off a win.  Since that 22 point loss, the Colts lost to the Pats again in the playoffs by 38, we had 9 months of stupid deflate gate, the Colts got worse, and the Patriots got pissed off.  Expect nothing less than a 20 point win for the Patriots.

NY Giants (+3.5) @ Philadelphia

My Pick: NY Giants for $100

Division game, nobody knows who Philadelphia is yet with their sketchy roster moves and wacky offense.  The Giants seem to be getting on a roll with OBJ and Victor Cruz both on the field, and Tom Coughlin red face season about to start.  Giants it is.

My locks for the week are all going into a 3 team parlay for $200, Cleveland, Chicago and New England.  Let the week begin!