Untapping the Tap

Untappd is an iPhone or Android app that allows any user to keep track, search and review all of the different beers that they have tried or sampled.  I downloaded this app about a year ago and have been hooked ever since.

It allows you to make a profile, have beer friends, make a beer wish list and search for nearby beers and bars.  It also, which is probably the most important, allows you to “check-in” a beer that you are drinking.  You are able to add a location, leave a note and rate it from 0-5 stars.  For all of those beer enthusiasts out there, it’s definitely an interesting idea.  Having trouble deciding between two beers on the menu, search it through the app and see what kinds of reviews or ratings they get.

photoWell, I have finally done it.  100 unique brews sampled!

What an accomplishment.

I thought it’d be a good idea to give a bit of a review of the top 5 beers that I have rated.  Without further ado, here are the top 5 beers on my list (in no particular order).

#9 Magic Hat Brewing Company (5.1% ABV – American Pale Ale)
First had on November 9, 2013, this beer has always stuck out as a favorite.  Brewed in South Burlington, VT it is a very light in body and delicious beer.  It’s crisp and almost difficult to describe since there isn’t anything else out there like it.  Malts: Pale & Crystal Hops: Apollo & Cascade.  Similar beers to it would be Traditional Lager (Yuengling Brewery), Pale Ale (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.)

Festbier Victory Brewing Company (5.6% ABV – Oktoberfest/Märzen)
With the summer coming to a close, there is nothing more exciting than looking forward to October and having a good Oktoberfest beer.  Victory Brewing Company did a great job with German malt and European hops to make this lager medium-bodied and smooth.

Saison Charrette Portico Brewing Company (5.9% ABV – Saison / Farmhouse Ale)
Delicious local brew.  Ever since my girlfriend and I moved to Boston, I’ve enjoyed the numerous breweries in the area.  This beer is a traditional farmhouse ale, but Portico nails it.  With 25 IBUs, it is a light colored beer with hints of sarsaparilla and flavors of chamomile.  Definitely recommended!

Harpoon Winter Warmer Harpoon Brewery (5.9% ABV – Winter Warmer)
With all of this snow that we’ve had, one can’t get enough Winter Warmer-styled beer.  The aroma is probably the best part.  Notes of cinnamon and spices fill the nose.  This dark medium bodied ale is very smooth and flavored with spices that remind me of Christmas with the family!  It’s really the only thing that I’m looking forward to next winter.

Sawtooth Nitro Left Hand Brewing Company (5.3% ABV – Extra Special / Strong Bitter)
Rounding out the lineup is a special beer – an extra special beer.  The Sawtooth Nitro takes a while to pour (like a Guinness) and it’s definitely worth it.  The smooth malt flavors of this light to medium-bodied beer just makes a happy beer drinker.  Strong suggested, the Sawtooth is a very balanced beer that you can enjoy just about any time of year.

Feel free to add me as a friend on Untappd and here’s to trying delicious beer (@Lebortsdm).