Week 5 NFL Picks

So I’m going to do this new thing –

We hypothetically have $1,000 for each NFL week (might be able to make this real once I actually have real readers or I prove how good I am).  Ok, let’s make sure we have all the rules clear before we start.  1) You have to bet on at least 5 games per week.  2) Those bets have to be at least $25.  3) Bets locked on on Tuesday evening, 4) The money that you have left over at the end of the week carries over to the next week and 5) Root on your bets against the spread!

Pretty simple, right?

Now, let me introduce you to the first-ever Lebortsdm.com Weekly Picks!

Here are mine:


At Houston (-4.5) vs. Indianapolis

The pick is Indy (+4.5) for $50.

What!?  This line practically flipped from Indy being favored by -1 to 4.5 dogs because of the announcement that Luck won’t be playing.  News flash, the Colts have been playing better with Hasselbeck as QB.  Expect this to be a game that trades points, but Colts will end up on top.

At Tampa Bay (-3) vs. Jacksonville

The pick is At Tampa Bay (-3) for $50.

Umm, as it pains me to say this, have you seen an AFC South team play well against… well anybody?  I must be crazy, but this game screams “push” to me.  I do like Bortles and Hurns/Robinson to score points, but I do like how Tampa plays (I know I know).  Maybe this is the one I lose this week, but I expect this one to be close.

Buffalo (-2.5) vs. At Tennessee

The pick is Buffalo (-2.5) for $50.

AFC South.  Enough said.

At Baltimore (-6.5) vs. Cleveland

The pick is Cleveland (+6.5) for $50.

Hmm, two 1-3 teams.  And Cleveland just lost to the Chargers by 3.  Maybe I’m asking for that to happen again, but I’m picking Cleveland ATS here.  The Ravens are only 33% on 3rd down conversion, so if the Browns can limit the Ravens’ drives, even the worst teams can score with enough drives.  I think this will be closer than people think.

At Atlanta (-7.5) vs. Washington

At Atlanta (-7.5) for $50.

Atlanta is 4-0.  Atlanta is 4-0.  Atlanta is 4-0.  Are we seeing the same team that went 13-3, 10-6, 13-3 back in the good old days?  Here’s where Matt Ryan surges against the Washington Football Team.

At Kansas City (-9.5) vs. Chicago

Pick is Chicago +9.5 for $50.

Wow, this line is huge.  Do they think that Chicago already traded Forte and Cutler to rebuild for 2016?  Well they haven’t yet, and I think Chicago can play.  The Chiefs have lost to the 3 best teams in the league (besides New England) and only beat the Texans by 7.  So…here’s to a one score game.  Cheers.

At Philadelphia (-4.5) vs. New Orleans

Pick is New Orleans (+4.5) for $50.

Man, talk about another 1-3 vs. 1-3 matchup.  Bor-ing.  Let’s see here though.  Phily is favored, and they lost to everyone, but the Jets.  Both of these teams aren’t making the playoffs, so I shouldn’t even be making this bet, but just for fun, let’s say it’s close.  Drew Brees + confidence.

At Green Bay (-9) vs. St. Louis

Pick is St. Louis (+9) for $50.

I think this line is way too high.  But I guess that’s why Vegas sets the lines, huh?  Anyway, St. Louis only lost by 6 or more once this season and that was against the Redskins.  Dammit, thought I had something there.  Well I think St. Louis can neutralize the Packs offense.  Shame on me if I’m wrong.

At Cincinnati (-3) vs. Seattle

I have Seattle here (+3) for $50.

I think this is the week that the public questions, “Is Cincinnati really that good”.  We’ll find out after this game – it’s going to be great to watch, too bad it’s on at 1pm ET.  Let’s go Russell Hustle and bussel.

Arizona (-2.5) vs. At Detroit

This was tough.  The pick is Arizona by -2.5 for $50.

I don’t really like this game, but I’ll bet on it the first week just because.  Will Calvin Johnson fumble at the 1 yard line again?  Let’s do it.

New England (-9) vs. At Dallas

Pick is New England (-9) for $50.

Man, does New England have a chip on their shoulder or don’t they.  Brandon Weeden vs. Tom Brady.  Let’s see when it’s safe to turn this game off… halftime?  No, probably mid-3rd (and I’m rounding up a quarter).

Denver (-5) vs. At Oakland

Pick is Oakland (+5) for $50.

I love how the Broncos are 4-0.  Let’s go Peyton.  The Broncos have won by an average of 7 points each game this season.  As I’m saying this, Peyton would have given up half of his salary to play with a defense as good as Denver is this season.  I see this going either way, but I’m rooting for a close one.

At NY Giants (-7) vs. San Francisco

I’m taking At NY Giants (-7) for $50.

Does this game scream push or what?  A 49er team that seems to be in flux after a lot of questions surface around their QB Kap Pack?  I don’t think it really matters who I pick here, because it seems like a 17-10 or 24-17 game.

At San Diego (-3) vs. Pittsburgh

The pick is Pittsburgh (+3) for $50.

Oh man, I know what you are thinking.  How can you ever bet for Mike Vick?  Are you crazy?  Well, here it goes.  Philip Rivers hasn’t gotten to the points of “Lights Out Rivers” yet, so I’m expecting another “meh” performance from him.


Let’s go!!!  Have a good Week 5!