Week 6 Picks

7-7.  That was my record last week.  Not great, but not bad.  Right at .500 (Better than some of these NFL team records…).

Remember our rules.  Same as last week.  Pretty simple, right?


Here are mine for week 6:

Atlanta (-3) @ New Orleans

My Pick: Atlanta for $100

I missed this game, so I can’t really comment, and I already know how I did (not good). So I take a mulligan here.

Denver (-4.5) @ Cleveland

My Pick: Denver for $50

Look at who Cleveland has played in their last 3 games.  Oakland, @San Diego, @Baltimore.  Three teams that struggle to even keep their stadium full.  Easy story here.  Denver outscores their opponents (on the road) by more than 6 points this season.  I’d be shocked to see anything less than a one TD difference here.

Cincinnati (-3.5) @ Buffalo

My Pick: Cincinnati for $100

Cincinnati’s hot, but could they just be another Atlanta Falcons…  Let everyone jump on the bandwagon, then lose an away game to a terrible team?  My answer is Cincinnati is not like Atlanta – they’ll actually protect Dalton (at least for a +4 win).

Kansas City (+3.5) @ Minnesota

My Pick: Kansas City for $50

Alex Smith is a game manager, and now with Jamaal Charles gone, look for them to lean on him more.  Teddy Bridgewater is good, but not KC defense good.

Houston (-1) @ Jacksonville

My Pick: Houston for $25

This is a toss up for me.  Two AFC South teams battle it out.  Let’s go Mallett (or will it be Hoyer)?  Oh man, what have I done?

Chicago (+2.5) @ Detroit

My Pick: Detroit for $50

My only argument here is that Detroit should have beat Seattle.  I think they are pretty good.  If Detroit can sack Cutler like they did Wilson, they don’t stand a chance.

Washington (+6) @ NY Jets

My Pick: NY Jets for $50

NY Jets.  J-E-T-S.  Jets Jets Jets.

Arizona (-3) @ Pittsburgh

My Pick: Arizona for $50

Is Roth playing this week?  Nah, this game will be close.

Miami (+2.5) @ Tennessee

My Pick: Tennessee for $100

No one cares about this game.  I’m looking to Mariota for some Shark Fin soup.

Carolina (+7) @ Seattle

My Pick: Carolina for $50

Carolina is getting their linebacker back this week, and I think they’re good.  They’ll at least keep this one close!

San Diego (+10) @ Green Bay

My Pick: Green Bay for $50

Green Bay is the second best team in the league.  I think they handle this easily, 27-10.

Baltimore (-2.5) @ San Francisco

My Pick: Baltimore for $25

Both of these teams are terrible this year, but I give the edge to San Fran.  Maybe this is the game that Kap throws 5 picks and gets tossed out.

New England (-8) @ Indianapolis

My Pick: New England for $100

Oh geez.  My beloved Colts.  Here’s to another 5 years of Colts/Patriots rivalry.  Patriots just won’t ever lose to them though.  Gulp.

NY Giants (+3.5) @ Philadelphia

My Pick: NY Giants for $50

NFC East Monday Night Game.  I’m picking Eli here.


My new column will be going up shortly about percentage of big and small school pros in the NFL.  Look out for that one – it’ll be a good one.

Meanwhile, can’t wait for the battle of Michigan tomorrow (UM v. MSU!)