Week 15 Picks

It’s Week 15, meaning there are only 2 more weeks of regular season football after this.  If you’re like me, you spend about 7-8 hours each Sunday watching it.  That’s a lot of football.  The only bad thing, how many featured games this year haven’t lived up to expectations (or having non-competitive teams)?  The answer is a lot.

So it’s simple, I’m going to categorize all of the Week 15 games into three categories;

Unwatchable: stay away from this game or you will lose interest in the NFL as a whole.

Semi-watchable: not bad to have on in the background, but you know these are only bridging the gap between those great matchups and not-so-great matchups.

Must-watch: these are going to be great matchups and great football.

Let’s get to it.


Week 15 Picks.

NEW ORLEANS (-3) vs. Detroit
Two none-playoff teams. No thank you. Pass.

JACKSONVILLE (-3.5) vs. Atlanta
Jacksonville is sort of a fun team to watch. Wait, no they aren’t. Atlanta is great, too. Wait…

Buffalo (PK) vs. WASHINGTON
I think I made a pact to never watch any Buffalo and Washington matchup ever.

SAN FRANCISCO (+4.5) vs. Cincinnati
AJ McCarron and Blaine Gabbert aren’t quite the quality matchup that I expect to watch on game day. This game also starts at 3 CT, so hopefully I’m not forced to watch this.

Miami (+1.5) vs. SAN DIEGO
Who? This matchup isn’t the greatest. Pass.

NEW ENGLAND (-14) vs. Tennessee
SEATTLE (-14.5) vs. Cleveland
Because of the spreads, I’m thinking these two games will be over early. At least, you’ll know the outcome so you can switch to another semi-watchable or watchable game.


NY Jets (-3) vs. DALLAS
If you are getting ready for playoff football, this matchup has some intrigue. Given the potential wildcard teams, it’s going to come down to the Jets, Chiefs and Steelers. Unfortunately, I think the Jets are the odd team out here.

Kansas City (-7.5) vs. BALTIMORE
This should just be a shellacking. I really do like Kansas City’s chances of making the playoffs, but I don’t think this is going to be pretty. The have the tiebreaker over the Jets and Steelers, so they’ll be playing tough.

Tampa Bay (+1) vs. ST. LOUIS
This game was Thursday Night, so it wasn’t hard to seek this one out. I’m personally interested in Winston’s performance as a Fantasy Football owner, and the Rams are fighting to stay at home in St. Louis. Already knowing the outcome since I’m posting this Friday, this was a relatively interesting game. Bucs made it close towards the end.

Chicago (+5.5) vs MINNESOTA
It’s semi-watchable because it’s a divisional matchup, however both teams are coming in with a two game losing streak. It looks like Minnesota is locked into the final wild card spot, so this game has little implication on seeding.

Green Bay (-3) vs. OAKLAND
Bill Barnwell wrote an article on how Oakland has a great future here. This could be a good game. Definitely on my watch list if the score is close.
NY GIANTS (+5) vs. Carolina
The Giants always seem to spoil the undefeated streaks of teams. Ahem, New England. This is a must watch in my book as Eli and Cam face off.

Arizona (-3.5) vs. PHILADELPHIA
Carson Palmer is hands down the Comeback Player of the Year as well as potential MVP candidate. As the team that has the greatest chance of getting to the Super Bowl and win it, I would love to watch some of this team’s season. I just like watching this team play.

PITTSBURGH (-6) vs. Denver
Without a doubt, the biggest game with playoff implications in Week 15. If Pittsburgh wins, I like their chances to beat out the Jets, however Pittsburgh has to win out- making this game really interesting. Not to mention they have one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Best Bets: NY Jets, New England, Arizona, Pittsburgh

Last Week: 7-8-1
Season: 62-64-2
Best Bets: 7-4-0