Guinness Nitro IPA Review

Recently I saw an advertisement for Guinness with a beer I didn’t recognize.  It was their new Nitro IPA.  I was very intrigued.  The thought of having anything on nitro is a must try in my book.

Let’s break down the new project from Guinness.

Appearance = 8

The pour is great when you have a nice curved pint class.  You get the creamy and full head that settles at the top of the glass (roughly a half inch if you pour it right).  I’m pleasantly impressed so far.

Smell = 7.5

If you are expecting a pungent hoppy smell that most American IPAs give off, you’ll be disappointed.  Since this is an English IPA, I knew that it’d be a little bit more timid.  The smell is there, but slightly soft for the IPA lovers out there.

Taste = 8

For an English IPA, this has a very delightful taste.


Mouthfeel = 8

The creaminess from the nitro develops very nicely as you take a sip.  If you do let it sit for a bit, it might develop a stale taste (given the nitro not really providing a carbonated feel).

Overall = 8.5

This is a very good go-to beer.  I’ve purchased this twice since the first time trying this.  When I taste this, I’m reminded of the signature taste that Guinness has developed so perfectly mapped to a copper IPA.