Leborts Brewhaus

Brewhaus’ ultimate goals

  • to make people excited about homebrewing!
  • to make people more knowledgeable about homebrewing!
  • to bring people together with the same passions!

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Relax, don’t worry! Have a homebrew.

This is one the most common phrases in the home brewing community. There are over a million people who have taken up this hobby and we’re here to help you dive deeper into the world of brewing at home!

We currently reside in the great city of Indianapolis and hope to quickly become great friends to many! We have invested many hours in this hobby, perusing many web sites and books, and getting first-hand experience in the home-brewing process in our basement. Leborts BrewHaus is the name we have given to our amateur brewing entity and soon hope to have to be known to many.

Our BrewHaus has many of the same thoughts that the young entrepreneur, Jim Koch, had when he decided to brew that very first batch. We have created some of our own recipes, gained inspiration from others of course, and ultimately put our personal spin on some classic home brews. As you will see, we share a special kind of passion about home-brewing and will be more than happy to help others learn more about the process. We have loved it since the day we brewed that first glass. Eventually, we would like to move into brewing commercially and promote our own brand (but, we understand that could be a while away).

As any enthusiast will tell you, there is so much to explore and learn about the process but that is one of the things this web site is designed to do. We hope to make this an enjoyable and informative place to to share ideas and learn more about the process, and to enjoy the passion that has rapidly become a favorite pastime of many.