The Next Big Thing

We’ve all seen the Samsung commercials where they state that their new device is “the next big thing”, and many would argue that they’re usually right.  Samsung is extremely innovative, and so many others agree with that which has led them to hold the market share in mobile devices in 2015 at 21.4% (Apple, btw, is 13.9%).  Some people, however, are starting to believe that it’s not just the device that is the next big thing, but new messaging apps will be the push in 2016 and beyond.

Back in 2011, a Chinese company developed an app called WeChat that was originally designed to provide text and photo/video messaging to others.  It has quickly grown to become the most used in China at about 650 million active users.  The app has grown into more than that.  It’s a place that you can do pretty much everything: order food, book vacations, online bank and shop directly within the interface.  In the past 4 years, tech companies in the United States have started to take notice.  They are quickly trying to innovate and develop features to catch up to the Chinese technology.

This sparked an idea.  What if companies were focused on integrating into a social messaging app to drive awareness or even to buy their products?  I feel like some social outlets, specifically Snapchat, is allowing companies or events to become discovered directly within the app.  ESPN has a channel within Snapchat that goes over recent sporting events or news.

The idea is pretty straightforward: People like to chat and don’t like leaving chat to open another app. Put the app in the chat, and you get the best of all possible worlds.

Twitter, another social giant, appears to be in the best position as they’ve already released “moments” and have even tried ordering Domino’s pizza directly within the Twitter interface.  We can already get up-to-the-minute news, alerts, customer service and social messaging – why not expand to online banking, shopping, taking a cab or driving service.  They just need to figure out how to secure it.

The next step is to wait and see what happens.

Photo by Joseph.Morris