Reactions from NFL Conference Title Games

That was definitely a wild weekend of NFL this past weekend, and I enjoyed almost all of it. As a newly married man, I find myself with family or in-laws more and more. This past weekend, I was in Indiana visiting some in-law family members. We usually try to schedule that trip so it doesn’t interfere with major events, to me those are sporting events, but we went down nevertheless. As we pulled up to my wife’s uncle’s place at 1pm this Sunday, the first thing I did was check the TV. Of course, there was the Denver New England pregame already on. Phew.

As a Colts fan, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that this was a huge game for Peyton so I was rooting strongly for him. As the game started, I was already biting my fingernails. As Peyton drove the field on the very first drive to score a touchdown, there was a sense of pride (and relief) in me. As we watched the Denver defense completely suffocate Brady and his passing attack, it made me wonder if this was his worst game I’ve ever watched. After 2 picks, I knew it was. This wasn’t the type of game that Brady stays close and rips your heart out at the end.

Boy was I wrong. Well I was kinda right. Brady couldn’t do anything on offense, but so couldn’t Peyton. The score was at a stale 12-20 with about 4 minutes left. As Brady drove the field, the pit of my stomach grew more and more. As they scored the touchdown, I had a strange feeling that they weren’t going to complete the 2-point conversion. Sure enough, the biggest play of the game went to the defense.

After watching this game, it looked to me like it was Peyton’s last rodeo. He even told Belichick after the game that it could be his final stand. Great way to end this rivalry and series. There’s just one thing. There’s one more game. And against a much tougher opponent. Carolina.

I was actually driving home during this game because it didn’t really hold the same amount of value as the AFC title did. I did record it and started it right when I got back. Sure enough it was 17-0 right away and my predictions were correct. Before the game, I told Heather that the Patriots would probably score a late touchdown to make it close and the Panthers would put up 40 against the Cards. Welp, I was spot on in both instances. As I fast-forwarded the game, the Carolina Panthers looked as if they were playing against a JV team. The Cardinals didn’t have the same drive we saw throughout the season. Seems like they gave up after the Green Bay game.

It seems to me like Super Bowl 50 might be a lopsided event. The Panthers just look too damn good, and it doesn’t even look like they’re trying. I do think Denver has a chance, but they have to pressure Cam Newton. They have to get to the Quarterback. I think if they don’t sack him or make him uncomfortable, the Broncos don’t have a really good chance.

Photo by halseike