Sam Adams Nitro Project Beer Series

[ms_dropcap color=”#dd9933″ boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/ms_dropcap]he Sam Adams Brewing Company recently released a line of nitro ales under a new brand called the “nitro project”. There are different types of beers in the release: Coffee Stout, White Ale, and IPA. You can learn more about this from Sam Adams, here.

A current colleague told me that it was part of a growing trend called Molecular Gastronomy. It’s basically when you apply scientific principles to food preparation (or using widgets to integrate nitrogen bubbles into beer). Seems like there one brewery that is taking advantage of it as a marketing point. Even though Guinness has been doing this for years with their cans (and most recently bottles) of their trademarked stout, Sam Adams appears to be applying the same principles to other beers. Hence the Nitro Project.

You might be asking how this whole process works, but it’s quite simple. There’s a widget inside the can of beer that contains nitrogen. This little can of goodness is under extreme pressure where it waits for the person who will enjoy the beer to crack it. Once the can is cracked, the pressure in the can drops, and the widget agitates the beer creating tons of those little nitrogen bubbles. When that is poured into a glass, the bubbles settle on the top, to which you get that smooth taste most nitro beer lovers enjoy.

I’ve tried the offerings from both Sam Adams and Guinness; The Sam Adams Nitro IPA, Guinness Stout and Guinness Nitro IPA. They’ve all been quite delicious. I’m definitely excited to try more, and hope that this nitro project introduces beer lovers to a whole new experience. A couple years ago, I was out with a guy who worked with me, and we went to the Biltmore in Boston. We both were intrigued that there was an IPA on draft with nitro that we had to order it. I asked him if he had it before and he said no. I’ll never forget the next thing he said, “Nitro on draft? I have to try that!”.

Check for these offerings in your local grocery or liquor store. It’s well worth it.


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