Super Bowl National Anthem Controversy!

[ms_dropcap color=”#dd9933″ boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]E[/ms_dropcap]very year for the Super Bowl, Nevada sports books release the amount bettors wager on the game. Most years, the number comes in higher and higher, and this year wasn’t any different. Super Bowl 50 bets exceeded $132 million to set the new record from two seasons ago, when Seattle handed it to the Broncos for the last game of the NFL season.

Most sites closed with Carolina as 5.5 point favorites, and sportsbooks tried their best to get even money on both sides. After the Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10 last night, many betting sites and locations said the house won. According to the report, the house won just over $13 million. It’s also said that this year was a popular year for Super Bowl prop bets, however this leads us to our first controversy!

One of the more popular prop bets was the over under of the National Anthem – which was set at 2 minutes and 20 seconds. If you listen to the Bill Simmons Podcast, you’ll know that Cousin Sal is a habitual prop bettor including his guess for the length of the National Anthem. It sounded like Cousin Sal did a ton of research of listening to past Lady Gaga national anthems and calculated the time via his stopwatch. It seemed like the general consensus was that Lady Gaga was going to go under the 2:20 mark.

If you were there to watch the very beginning of the Super Bowl during the anthem, it seems to a huge debate on when the anthem actually finished. Put some headphones in and watch the video below. Start the stopwatch, you can clearly see that Lady Gaga ends the song twice!

The singing starts as 0:25 and ends at 2:47. She appears to sing the final words “the brave” twice – once before the jets flyover and once after. Once at 2:09 and once at 2:22. I wonder what site Cousin Sal bet on, given that multiple sites are paying it out differently.

Two of the largest betting sites have differing opinions. Bovada officials have said they are paying the under for an official time of 2:09, while BetOnline has said they are paying the over with the 2:20 time. At least this controversy isn’t about under inflated ball or anything.

Cheers NFL!


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Photo by jurvetson