NHL 2016 Playoff Round 2 Predictions

So if you read my last article, you can probably see that I got only three out of the eight series correct.  That’s not so good, however I’m here to redeem myself in Round Two.  Let’s go to the games.


Stars vs. Blues

Stars advance here.  I just don’t think the Blues are all that good.  The only line that scares them is the Tarasenko line, and I think the Stars can neutralize that.  Stars in 5.


Preds vs. Sharks

Even though the Predators won the first game, I think the Sharks have a special team.  Although like I said in my Round 1 predictions, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ‘[insert word here] the bed’ in this series just as people are starting to believe in them.


Islanders vs. Lightning

Last year, the only reason the Lightning didn’t win the Cup was because they went against the Blackhawks.  I remember watching that series and the Lightning were playing extremely well.  They didn’t lose anyone big this last season so I see them doing great against the Islanders.


Capitals vs. Penguins

The Capitals are the best team in the league, and they showed dominance in the previous series.  They’ll beat the Penguins, and then face the Lightning to go to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Photo by JohnWDavisJr