Not All Roses in Chicago


Derrick Rose Traded to Knicks

The Deal

Bulls gets Lopez ($13.5 million), Calderon ($7.7 million) and Grant ($1.6 million)

Knicks get Rose ($21.3 million), Holiday ($1.0 million) and 2017 Second Round Pick

Bulls: Grade B

I didn’t think it would happen this quickly, but I did think it was going to happen. Eventually though. The Bulls organization definitely isn’t scared to change things up.

Last season they said goodbye to their 5-year coach of Tom Thibodeau to hire in Fred Hoiberg as a ‘change in culture’. This year, they ship Derrick Rose (reigning MVP and number 1 overall pick) to the Knicks. What was probably the most difficult decision to make, the Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf was ready to part ways with Rose, most likely due to the rise of Jimmy Butler. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his hands on this trade or at least approved it (Bill Simmons Podcast with Butler). To the surprise of nearly no one, this team is now building around Butler (the new face of the franchise).

With this news, it’s likely (if not official) that Gasol won’t accept his player option and will push out Noah to leave Lopez as the lone big guy. I think this is actually a blessing in disguise. The Bulls tried the whole two bigs and three guards and it didn’t work. That’s not where the league is going anymore.

You heard it here first, but I don’t think the Bulls are done yet. They have lots of options they can trade for; ideally a better starting PG or SF. Even though, they got two guards in the trade, I still think they’ll draft a PG (maybe Baldwin) or even Denzel Valentine in case they want to  as upgrade their SF as well.

It’s more likely that they’ll draft a point guard (possibly Baldwin) and have this as the starting five (1–5); Baldwin/Calderon/Grant, Butler, Snell/Valentine, Portis, Lopez.

Knicks: Grade C

I saw an article last week on ESPN saying that Rose was on the trading block and the most likely destination was New York because they were interested in upgrading their 1-guard position. The trade does make sense; however, I’m not sure it’s worth trading your starting center for a relatively low-risk project.

Rose is in the last year of his rookie contract, and he could easily be dumped after the 2016–17 season. That definitely helps minimize the risk involved with Rose, but I don’t see Rose not improving next season.

The trade also has the Knicks saying goodbye to their star center, Robin Lopez, who had arguably his second or third best season last year. It doesn’t look like the NYK has a draft pick this year, so if no other trades happen, you’re looking at this lineup (1–5): Rose, Afflalo, Carmelo, Porzingis, Seraphin.

Not bad. But also not good.

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