Top QBs for 2016, Ranked

What do we do now? The NBA Finals Game 1 is in the books, baseball is midseason, so I get football is the only thing we can look forward to at the moment. Here’s a list of the top Quarterbacks that I would take going into 2016.

1. Tom Brady
Even if he is suspended for four games, Tom Brady is the pick to lead a team into the conference championship game. As much as it pains me to say, but Brady hasn’t showed any decrease in performance. He’s the biggest competitor I know, and he’s at my #1 for 2016.

2. Russell Wilson
It was only one touchdown that separated Russell Wilson from beating the Carolina Panthers to meet Manning’s Broncos in the Super Bowl last year. His elusiveness and way he can throw the ball sets this guy up at number two. Wilson can lead a team like no one else.

3. Ben Roethlisberger
As the season went on, it was getting more obvious that Roethlisberger got his groove back. Given he stays healthy Ben is one of the best QBs in the league.

4. Cam Newton
These next two guys were super close, but Cam slightly edged out Rodgers to be number four on my list. All of these top four guys have the elusiveness to be a great QB, however Cam lacks just slightly with his ability to throw the ball.

5. Aaron Rodgers
This might be the biggest surprise to most because of the way Rodgers played this season. If you remember, he made two crazy hail mary’s which were completed and pushed them further into the playoffs.

6. Carson Palmer
What a comeback. After Palmer’s injury, I thought he was done. Carson recorded one of his best seasons last year, but to what extent of that success was due to the defense. Palmer sits right at number 6 – just out of my top 5.

7. Andy Dalton
Here’s another QB that had a great season until he got injured. It’s assumed that Dalton would have pushed his team further into the playoffs, while the Bengals were the favorite until McCarron had to step in. Andy Dalton is primed to have a great 2016.

8. Drew Brees
The Saints had a terrible season last year, but that’s not to the result of how Brees played. He’s number eight on my list because it does seem like he’s on his way down, but not quite yet.

9. Andrew Luck
It’s hard to tell really where Andrew Luck should land on this list. If you had to ask me to pick one QB based on every season except last year, it’d be Luck. He has to play better to move up this list.

10. Kirk Cousins
What a great season Kirk had last year pushing the Redskins into the playoffs. He was part of a great offense, but not completely consistent to move him up this list.

11. Matt Ryan
The Falcon’s signal caller only threw for more than 4,500 yards with a 66% completion percentage. He still has two of the best wide receivers in the game, but the rest of his team is terrible. Matt Ryan just slightly falls out of my top 10.

12. Derek Carr
One of the best up and coming QBs in the league is Carr. And no, it’s not David. He threw for just under 4,000 yards and added 4 more wins from the previous season to the Raiders. I don’t see why that wouldn’t go up next year. I see Derek Carr doing great in 2016.

13. Philip Rivers
I personally think that Rivers is primed to have a great 2016. He’s definitely inconsistent and hasn’t really done anything since the Tomlinson days, but he’s getting back to it this next year.

14. Jay Cutler
Many football fans in Chicago are calling for this guy’s head, although when Jay Cutler is on, he’s really on. Even though Jay Cutler and the offensive line sometimes scoff and are not on the same page, I think that can be fixed with some good coaching.

15. Teddy Bridgewater
The last guy in my top 15 is Bridgewater. After watching him make the short throws to nearly beat the Seahawks, Teddy neared my top 15. Another year of work will definitely help him improve. He’s number 15.


Photo by Keith Allison