How Much Do Those Guys Make?

My wife and I went to the Cubs game last night to enjoy a rematch of the NLCS series in 2015 against the Mets. Lester was on the mound (spoiler alert: about to record his tenth win of the season) in what has become a bit of a mild rivalry between the two cities. As Rizzo hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the 3rd innning, I had noticed that a guy in the stands had flagged down a beer guy and called for two beers. The Beer Guy only had Budweiser and Bud Light, and the guy signaled for Light. The guy shouted back, “$16.50” and the buyer handed down a $20 bill. As the exchange for beer and cash happened in front of me, I had wondered how much (if any) was the buyer going to tip.

“No Change,” said the buyer.

Shocked was me.

Even though, the tip was 21.21% repeating (sorry, my Analytics mind) I thought it was a bit higher than what I would normally tip. With that, I thought two things.

Great Pricing
What a great price point. I think $8.25 is brilliant given the fact that these guys probably make most of their money on tips. And that $16.50 is just borderline on being conveniently traded for a $20 without a second thought from most patrons.

How Many Tips Do They Get
Let’s pretend that one of these Beer Guys has roughly 24 beers each time they fill up (well not pretend, I counted). Given that they are Budweiser or Bud Light, they are normally $8.25. Which, in my opinion, would receive $10 if ordered 1, and $20 if ordered 2. Let’s break down some key numbers.

Each cost per beer = $8.25
Average payment = $10.00
Average tip = $1.75

Beers on Hand = 24
Number of Innings Served = 5
Number of Refills Per Inning = 2

Beers Sold = 240
Total Beer Cost = $1,980
Total Beer Payments = $2,400

If all that is roughly on point, I would estimate about $420 in tips each game that the Beer Guy would serve. If they were to serve every home game, I would anticipate that they could make roughly $17,000 per year!

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