Foggy Geezer by WarPigs Review

Turns out WarPigs is the new rage.

I was recently down in Munster, Indiana (where? I know) and drove on by the Three Floyd’s Brewery which I enjoy very much. For the last couple years, a regular beer on the list would be something from WarPigs or the recent Mikkeller project for European and American beer to come closer together. I had the pleasure of trying Foggy Geezer, or a hazy NE IPA as a collaboration beer between Three Floyds and Mikkeller.

Here’s my review

Appearance (10%) – 3.5
As a New England IPA, I would have expected something super hazy–something like a Moody Tongue Gummy Banter or Julius from Tree House. This has a clarity to it just like a normal IPA would have. The carbonation is great for this pale to golden ale.

Smell (30%) – 4.25
Very dank, yet fruity. Smells like a prototypical IPA, and that’s not a bad thing.

Taste (40%) – 4.5
This is nice. For an 8% IPA, this doesn’t have the taste of a bitter IPA, it’s fruity and juicy IPA.

Feel (10%) – 4
It’s medium to medium light on the tongue. Not too think, yet very refreshing. It ends with a fruity backbone.

Overall (10%) 4.25
My first impression when opening the can and pouring was “Man, this isn’t hazy…better taste good”. That’s probably because I’ve had more hazy New England IPA beers that are super juicy and hazy. With my MILD disappointment by the color, I was super impressed with the taste. It’s like Mikkeller and Three Floyds nailed the taste, but not the color. This is what IPAs should taste like and isn’t bitter like a Hop Slam.

I completely recommend this beer. It gets a 4.25 total.